Bailey Broadcasting Service’s New Obama Radio Special:

‘Hail The Chief, The Dream Comes To Life’

“This is our moment, this is our time." -- Barack Obama



Not since we produced the iconic, award-winning "King: From Atlanta to the Mountaintop" have we been more excited about bringing an educational and entertaining biographic profile to the airwaves.

In honor of our first African American President of The United States, Bailey Broadcasting Services & Rabercom Enterprises is proud to present "President Barack Obama: Hail The Chief: The Dream Comes To Life."

Hosted by legendary broadcaster/journalist Lee Bailey and featuring guest journalists Morris O’Kelly, Ricki Morris and RadioScope editor LaRita Shelby.

Join us during the upcoming for an hour long journey through the life of Barack Obama.

We’ll recap Barack Obama's Harvard days with close friend Hill Harper as well as learn more about the early life of the nation’s new president.

Guest columnist Morris O’Kelly takes a look at President Obama and his impact on the Republican Party while Ricki Morris explores how he energized young voters. We’ll hear from various Americans who chime in on what this means now that an African American has ascended to the highest office in the land.

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